Precast Concrete Association of New York (PCANY) 

Keeler Precast Concrete, Inc. Certification states that we are one of the producers who has submitted the required documents. Therefore,  is attesting to our ability to manufacture watertight tanks. This means a Professional Engineer has checked the tank design and the producers’ manufacturing and quality control procedures. Also, a Professional Engineer has witnessed the required vacuum testing to demonstrate water tightness.

The Septic Tank Producers listed below are the only producers of concrete septic tanks that are authorized to cast the “PCANY LISTED” round, red plastic tags into their products in New York State (as of 8/1/2013).

Concrete Building Supply, Plattsburgh, NY
Jefferson Concrete Corp., Watertown, NY
Keeler Precast Concrete, Inc., Hudson, NY
Kistner Concrete Corp., East Pembroke, NY
Sunnycrest Inc., Auburn, NY
Zeiser Wilbert Vault, Inc., Elmira, NY